Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with Houston Female Urology

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We have a special gift for YOU!

From now through Christmas, we are offering 2 groundbreaking, non-surgical treatments at discounted prices:

25% off EMSella
for mild to moderate urinary incontinence

15% off Exilis Ultra Femme 360
for vaginal restoration and feminine wellness

Call our office today, at 281-717-4003, to schedule your procedure during the 12 Days of Christmas and receive special prices!

What is EMSella?
It’s a non-invasive treatment for leaky bladders. Basically, it’s a chair you sit on and it simulates more than 10,000 Kegel exercises in a single treatment. It’s fast, it’s painless, and perhaps best of all…you stay fully clothed during the entire treatment. Sounds crazy, but it works. 95% of patients report significant improvement in urinary incontinence.

During the 12 Days of Christmas, a complete treatment package is only $2,000 (regular price $2,700).  Click here to learn more about EMSella.

What is Exilis Ultra Femme 360?
It’s a non-surgical treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. This simple procedure uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat vaginal tissue and rejuvenate collagen, improving both function and appearance. The treatment is painless and has no downtime or recovery period. During the 12 Days of Christmas, a complete treatment package is only $3,000 (regular price $3,500).

Cheers to a healthy you!
-Dr. P

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